Have you ever begun a new garden, only to realise after several years that a garden is never begun or ended? It is a life’s work, to be handed to the next generation; a little piece of the planet Earth that we are privileged – and in my case, feel a need – to care for.

A scrubby plot on the top of a hill

This blog tells the story of a little piece of planet Earth in Andalusia, southern Spain, which we took on, fist in mouth, in 2008. A scrappy bit of flattened scrub seen here in the distance from the dusty road that approaches it. No water, that we knew of, no services, and no building. Not even a even permit for a building.

But the desire to create the most beautiful garden in the mediterranean grew, and over the years we have begun to form a garden that will give solace, comfort, joy and inspiration to our guests.


The authorDr Karen Moloney is a business psychologist, leadership coach and a futurist. She travels the world meeting remarkable business people and helping them become even more remarkable. At least, that’s her day job. But by night, she’s a writer.

She has written 5 books, the latest of which was published in 2014. The Garden that Mended a Marriage tells the story of how she and her husband, an architect, built a contemporary Moorish house on the top of a mountain and created a Persian garden, following the recipe laid down in the Koran for a paradise on earth.


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