Rainbow eucalyptus

IMG_5834 (1)This is why I will vote to stay in the EU: because after a year of searching across the world for rainbow eucalyptus (Eucalyptus deglupta) trees, in Florida, Australia and South Africa, I have found them up the road here in the UK, received them in the post, repotted them in my kitchen and sent them in a van with my husband and some furniture to Spain where they are sitting in my shed waiting to be planted. Easy! No customs, no quarantine, no paperwork, no borders.

eucalyptus deglupta


If you’ve never seen a Eucalyptus deglupta, let me assure you, they look unreal. The multi-coloured trunks look like they’ve been painted. Of course, the two small ones I took delivery of this week will take some time to grow, but won’t they be worth it?

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