Audio book on the way, yay!

My mother is losing her sight.  The downside is that the world she loves is slowly disappearing. The upside, she tells me, is that she no longer knows when she has a dirty kitchen, so now she rarely feels the need to clean. Another downside is that she can’t read much any more but the upside is that she has discovered audio books.

new cover The Garden that Mended a MarriageSo with this in mind, I commissioned an audio book version of The Gardens That Mended a Marriage and what an interesting experience this is turning out to be. Guided step by step by Amazon through their process, I wrote a spec, invited actors to audition, listened to each one narrate the first chapter, chose one, contracted a deal with her. She then went away and narrated my book, chapter by chapter and sent it to me for comment. We’re currently going through the process of editing. I’m listening to each word, sending her back my comments and she will re-record certain extracts taking my edits into account.

So if you enjoyed the book, and want to recommend it to someone who can’t read or is too busy to read or simply prefers to listen rather than to read, then watch out here for the launch of the audio book sometime soon.

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